TNPSC Group 4 Books

TNPSC Group 4 Examination Books 

General Knowledge
Tamil Nadu State Board Text Books are the major source for TNPSC Exams. These books cover approximately 80% of questions and considered as the major source. Hence, the aspirants have to read and revise the State Board Books (Tamil Nadu) to get the desired results. Group 4 aspirants may also depend on the Materials and Books which are prepared on the basis of State Board Text Books. General Knowledge Books published by M/s Sura Books, Sakthi Publishing House, Raman Guide may play important role with regard to Tamil Nadu and World Affairs. The aspirants are also cautioned that they have to refer to other books also to verify the authenticity of the answers, since there are occasional errors and printing mistakes in these books. If a person is preparing simultaneously for the UPSC Civil Services Exam also, standard General Knowledge year book published by Tata McGraw Hill, Pierson and Manorama may solve the dual
purposes and one may be confident enough.

 General Science

            In TNPSC Exams, the general science questions are asked mainly from 6th Standard to 10th Standard State Board Text books and also from Physics, Chemistry, Biology Text Books of 11 and 12th Standard.   Out of 100 Questions, at least 30‐35 are asked from general science. In particular, about 8‐10 Questions are asked in Physics, 10‐12 Questions in Chemistry, 12‐14 questions in Biology. Few questions are also asked from the current developments in Science and Technology.

Indian History

           Almost 15 to 20 percent questions are asked from Indian History. The main source books are the State Board text books from 6th standard to 10th standard (Social Science) and the History text book of 11 and 12th standard. Importance is to be given to Indian National Movement. In Indian History and Indian National Movement, the role played by Tamil Nadu is given weightage in TNPSC Group I exams.

 Indian Geography

           In Indian Geography, about 10 to 12 % of questions are asked. The main sources are 6 to 10th Standard Social Science books and 11th and 12th Geography text books. Aspirants are stressed that they have to bestow better attention with regard to the Tamil Nadu Geography i.e., location, rivers, mountains, industries, Dams, irrigation, crops, physical setting etc of Tamil Nadu.

Indian Constitution 

 Nearly 10 to 12 percent questions are framed from Indian Polity and Constitution. For this subject, in addition to the Civics books of Tamil Nadu State Board, any standard book on Indian Constitution will take care.

Indian Economy

           With regard to Indian Economy, the main source is the 11th and 12th standard State Board books. One has to follow the latest economic developments in India especially in Tamil Nadu and for this one has to read standard newspapers like The Hindu for current economy. It is advised to read India 2010, Economic Survey of India 2009‐2010 and the Tamil Nadu Year Book 2010. The latest budgets of Central and Tamil Nadu State Governments may be given a thorough reading.

 Current Events

5 to 10 questions are asked from current events. In this regard, The Hindu and Dinamani, daily newspapers may serve as a major source so far as the latest current affairs are concerned. One has to give priority for the last 18 months happenings around the world just
prior to the commencement of exams. If you are an aspirant to UPSC Civil Services also, the Civil Services Chronicle and Competition Wizard serves the most for General Knowledge and Current Affairs preparation.  The free online Resource Material provided in and free materials provided by Saidai Manithaneyam will go a long way in helping the serious aspirants to come out flying colours and successful in all competitive examinations.


In Mathematics subject, problems/sums are asked from Class 7, 8, 9, 10 State Board Text books. At least 5 to 10 questions are asked in this topic covering the mental ability. One may rely on R.S.Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude book for mental ability, which covers all the major aspects of mental ability.

Special Focus on Tamil Nadu

It is pertinent to note that almost 20 % questions will surely be asked from Tamil Nadu Affairs. Hence, one has to concentrate on the policies, budgets, welfare schemes, developmental activities, the Tamil Nadu Polity, Tamil Literature, Books and Authors, Current Events, Awards, General Knowledge, Current Tamil Nadu Economy, Geography, History of TAMIL NADU.

Miscellaneous Subjects  

       Recent trend shows that in addition to the above, questions are also framed form Commerce, Statistics, Hindu Religion, Logic, Ethics, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy. These miscellaneous subjects are well covered in class 11 and 12 of Tamil Nadu Text books. Onecannot omit these areas because even a single mark will make the difference and become the ultimate deciding factor for final selection.

Text Books published by Tamil Nadu Text Books Society

Science                           ‐          6, 7, 8, 9, 10th standard
Physics                           ‐          11, 12th standard
Chemistry                      ‐          11, 12th standard
Biology                           ‐          11, 12th standard
Social Science                ‐          6, 7, 8, 9, 10 standards
History & INM               ‐          11, 12th standard
Geography                     ‐          11, 12th standard
Political Science            ‐          11, 12th standard
Mathematics                  ‐          7, 8, 9, 10 standards
Logic                                ‐          12th standard (Old)
Psychology                     ‐          12th standard (Old)Political Science             ‐          11, 12
Indian Culture                ‐          12th standard (Old)
Ethics                               ‐          11th standard

Magazines and Guides
Civil Services Chronicle
Competition Wizard
Tata McGraw Hill – Year Book 2010
Pierson ‐ Year Book 2010
Manorama ‐ Year Book 2010
The Hindu, the English National News Paper
GK Times (Tamil Monthly Magazine)
Dinamani (Tamil Daily Newspaper)

Instead of studying 10 books once, let us study one book 10 times to understand the concept and score more marks to come out successfully.


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