Simple Interest Quiz 2

1. At what rate percent,a sum of money doubles itself in 15 years?

2. In five years the simple interest on a certain sum amounts to one fourth of the sum.The rate at interest per annum is

3. In how many years will Rs.5,500 amount to Rs. 6,600 at the rate of 5% simple interest(In years)?

4. In what will Rs.1,800 yield a simple interest of Rs.390 at the rate of 5% per annum?

5. The rate percent at which a sum will double itself at simple interest in 8 years is

6. In what time will Rs. 500 give Rs. 50 as interest at the rate of 5% per annum simple interest?

7. If a sum doubles itself in 10 years at simple interest,what must be rate percent per annum?

8. If Rs.1,200 amounts to Rs.1,440 in 4 years of simple interest,find the rate of interest per annum.?

9. A sum of money which increases 1/20 of itself every year and amounts to Rs.500 in 13 1/3 years?Then,the sum is

10. Prasanna lents Rs.500.At the end of 2 years,he got Rs. 50 as simple interest.The rate of interest per annum is

11. A sum becomes 28/25 of itself in 5 years,find the rate of interest?

12. Find the capital required to earn a monthly interest of Rs. 600 at 6% simple interest.?

13. The amount on which simple interest,at the rate of 6% for 3 years is Rs.90, will be

14. A sum of Rs. 65,000 was divided into 3 parts so that they yielded the same interest when they were lent for 2, 3 and 4 years of 8% simple interest at the end of these periods.The ratio between these parts is

15. Two equal sums were lend at 5% and 4% respectively and he joint interest amounted in a year to Rs. 540 .Find the sum?