Ratio and Proportion Quiz 4

1. The mean proportional between the numbers 8 and 18 is

2. If x=1/3y and y=1/2z then x:y:z is equal to

3. The ratio 1^1.5 : 2^0.5 is same as

4. If 2a+b/a+4b=3, then find the value of a+b/a+2b

5. The ratio of the numbers of boys and girls of a school with 504 students is 13:11.What will be the new ratio if 12 more girls are admitted?

6. The ratio of the money with Ram and Sam 5:8 and that with Sam and Ravi is 5:7.If Ram has RS.625,how much money does Ravi share?

7. The students in three classes are in the ratio 2:3:5,If 20 students are increased in each classes,the ratio changes to 4:5:7.What is the total number of students in the three classes before increase?

8. Rs.750 is divided among A,B and C in a manner that A:b=5:2 and B:C=7:13.What's A's share

9. Two numbers are in the ratio 17:45,1/3rd of the smaller is less than 1/5 of the bigger by 15.The smaller number is

10. Two cubes have their volumes in the ratio 1:26.Find the ratio of their surface areas.

11. If x:y=7:3, then the value of xy+y^2/x^2-y^2 is

12. The ratio of copper and zinc in brass is 13:7.How much zinc will be there in 100kg of brass?

13. A map has been drawn to the scale of 5mm for 15km.what is the actual distance between two places shown 7.3mm apart in the map?

14. The fourth proportional to 12 men,9 men and Rs.3 is

15. If 3A=5B and 4B=6C, then A:C is equal to

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