Profit and Loss Quiz 3

1. Apples are bought at 7 for Rs.3.At what rate per hundred must they be sold to gain 33%?

2. If the cost price of 16 items is equal to the selling price of 20 items.Find the gain or loss%

3. Rajesh sold his sheep for Rs.3270 and gain 9%.The sheep was bought for

4. Successive discount of 30% and 10% are equivalent to a single discount of

5. What percent of selling price would be 34% of cost price if gross profit is 26% of the selling price?

6. By selling an article for Rs.240,a person loses 20%.To gain 20% he should sell it for

7. If a person purchased 11 articles for Rs.10 and sold all the articles at the rate of 10 for Rs.11,the profit percent would have been

8. A loss of 5% was suffered by selling a house for Rs.3085.The cost price of the plot was

9. If the selling price of an item is 4/3 of its cost price,the profit in transaction is

10. A merchant mixes 26 kg of tea which costs Rs.20 a kg with 30 kg of tea which costs Rs.36 a kg and sells the mixture at Rs.30 a kg.What is the profit percent?

11. A vendor bought toffees of 6 for a rupee.How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20%?

12. A person sold an item for Rs.480 at a loss of 15%.The cost price of the item is

13. A trademan purchases 2 types of sugar at the rate of Rs.5 per kg and Rs.4 per kg .In what ratio should be mix them to earn a profit of 10% by selling the mixture at Rs.5 per kg?

14. By selling an article for Rs.69, there is a loss of 8%,when the article is sold for Rs.78,the gain or loss percent is

15. If the cost price of 16 articles is equal to the selling price of 20 articles.Find the gain or loss percentage?

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