Previous papers of IBPS clerk exam

Directions (1-5) : Each of the questions below consists of a question and three statements numberes I, II, and III given below it. You have to decide the data provided in which of the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Choose the answer accordingly.

1. Among P, T, J, F and L who scored the highest ?

I. P scored less than J and F.

II. T scored more than F but less than L.

III. J has scored the highest.

2. Pillar 'P' is in which direction with respect to pillar 'Q' ?

I. Pillar 'M' is to the East of pillar 'T', which is to the south of pillar 'Q'.

II. Pillar 'P' is to the North of pillar 'M'

III. Pillar 'R' is to the north of pillar 'P' and to the east of pillar 'Q'

3. What is the code 'adequate' in a code language ?

I. In the code language, 'rainfall is adequate' is written as  ' vo al ji '.

II. In the code language, ' food is adequate' is written as ' vo ji fa '.

III. In the code language, ' food is delicious ' is written as ' fa vo re '.

4. How is Sanjeev related to Radha ?

I. Sanjeev is the son of Radha's grandfather's only daughter.

II. Sanjeev has no siblings.

III. Radha has only one brother.

How many Children are there in the class ?

I. Saurabh is fifth from the top if arranged in descending order of marks.

II. Sulabha, who is ten ranks below Saurabh, is 25th from the bottom.

III. Jatin is four ranks above Sulabha.

Directions (6 -10) : In a certain instruction system the different computation processes are written as follows :

i. x@y#z  means x is multiplied by the sum of y and z.

ii. x©y % z means y is divided by z and resultant is added to square of x.

iii. x $ y * Z means z is subtracted from the product of x and y.

iv. x • y ê z means z is subtracted from y and the resultant is added to x.

In each of the following questions, a set of instruction sequence is given . You are required to find out the outcome which should come in place of the question mark (?) in each of given set of sequences.

6. 13 @ 4 # 3 = p

7.  5 © 49 % 7 = a

       p$5*55 = ?


8. 17 $ 4 * 8 = t 

      7 ©t %15 = ?

9. m • 78 ê 56 = 50 

     m @ 7 # 13

10. b $ 15 * 18 = 42

        b © 36 % 9 = ?

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