How to Prepare English for IBPS PO 2012

How to Prepare English for IBPS PO 2012

A key point to prepare for the competitive exams in these is concentrate on each section because candidate should score the minimum marks in each section. IBPS PO is the best competitive exam for banking domain jobs .IBPS introduces new pattern in English section to test the ability of the candidate.

English section questions gives candidate reading ability and the candidate can answer the questions by reading and practice.Some questions may take time to answer but some question stake very less time to answer like antonyms,synonyms etc. Here you can How to Prepare English for IBPS PO 2012

Total questions:50

total marks:25

Important parts in English section

Reading Comprehension-15 questions

Reading comprehension has 2 paragraphs with 15 questions for 7 1/2 marks.If you read the paragraph 2 times ,we can easily answer the questions.Reading takes more time but answering the questions is very easy.

Close test-15 questions

Close test part has the paragraph with 15 blank spaces.Candidate need to fill the blank space with right words.It is very good option to get the good score,it will check the English ability of the candidate

Sentence Equivalence -5 questions

Synonymous- 5 questions

These 2 topics similar,we need to answer the questions with equivalent sentences/words.

Para-Completion-5 questions

Para-Formatting-5 questions

Para-formatting is very good scoring part in English section because we need the arrange the sentences in a correct order.

Tips How to Prepare English for IBPS PO 2012 can help you a lot. A small tip to answer the paragraph questions in 1st part is, first read the question the questions and then read the paragraph we can easily get the answers for these questions.If you can manage the time in this section ,we can use that time with other sections.It will helps you to get the good score as the final result.

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