Percentages Quiz 9

1. the students in the class increased by 20% in the 1st year and decreased by 10% in the year.if the present students is 54,000 students before 2 years was?

2. In an examination a boy who got 32% of the total marks failed for 8 marks and another boy who got 35% of total marks got 16 marks more than the pass mark.Total marks

3. In an election two persons a person who got 52% of total votes won by a margin of 144 votes.Total votes are

4. A reduction of 25% in the tax resulted in increase of 30% in the daily attendance in a hall.The total daily collection will be

5. A women spends 20% of his salary on rent 40% of the balance on food and 60% of the balance on miscellaneous.Still he saves Rs.288 a month.His is Rs

6.If ramu's salary is 20% more than raju's salary,by how much percent is raju's salary less than ramu's

7.If the price of jowar is 20% less than rice,by what percent is rice's price more than jowar

8. In a college 60%of the students are boys 75% and 80% girls are day scholars.The percentage of boarders is

9.One liter water is evaporated from 6 liter salt solution which contains 5%salt.What is the percentage of salt now in the solution

10.If the price of gas increased by 50% by how much percent.The consumption is to be reduced to keep the expense same

11.If z% of 288 is 48,z=?

12.30% Of 40 is equal to 40% of

13.90 Is 12% of

14.What is the percentage of whole numbers from 1 to 100 Which are exact multiples of 5

15. 1/3 of a number exceed its 25% by 12.the number is

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