General Knowledge Test 25

1. First Indian Member of the Viceroy’s Executive Channel
a. Sir S.P.Sinha
b. Mukesh Sinha
c. Ram Sinha
d. Nayar

2.First Indian Member of House of Lords (British)
a. Lord Rippon
b. Lord Hizzar
c. Lord S.P. Sinha
d. Lord Rippon

3. First Indian (among Women) to Swim Across the English Channel
a. Miss Aarti Saha
b. Nazar Sen
c. Pranab Sen
d. Kamala Sen

4. First Indian (among men) to Swim Across the English Channel

a. Kamala Nadhan
b. Gopi Nadhan
c. Mihir Sen
d. Rahool Sen

5. First Indian Woman to Swim Across the Straight of Gibraltar
a. Keerti pradhan
b. Arti Pradhan
c. Suneeta
d. Geeta Pradhan

6. First Man to Climb Mount Everst
a. Bachendri Pal
b. Ramchandran
c. Tenzing Norgay
d. R.D. Katari

7. First Man to Climb Mount Everest without Oxygen
a. Phu Dorjee
b. Doney
c. Manichadan
d. P.Patel

8. First Man to climb Everest twice
a. Gombu
b. Gombu Nadh
c. Robert
d. Nawang Gombu

9. First Muslim Woman to sit on the throne of Delhi
a. Ruksena
b. Shabbir
c.Razia Sultana
d. Nazar Munnissa

10. First Noble Prize Winner (Also the first Asian)
a. W.C. Benerjee
b. Rabindranadh Tagore
c. Morarji Desai
d. Krishna Kant

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