Mensuration 3D Quiz 2

1. The radius and depth of a square well is 5 m and 21 m respectively.what is the volume of the earth dug out?

2. The radius and height of a cylinder is 50 cm and 100 cm.What is the ratio of total surface area to lateral surface area of a cylinder?

3. If the radius of the base of a right circular cylinder is halved,keeping the height same, what is the ratio of the volume of the reduced cylinder to that of the original one?

4. The radius of the cylinder piece of a metal is 2 cm and height is 6 cm is shaped into a cone of same radius.The height of the cone is

5. A cone and a sphere is having Equal radius and volume.The ratio of the diameters of the sphere to the height of the cone is

6. How many bricks,each measuring 10 cm x 25 cm x 50 cm, will be needed to build a wall 10m x 6m x 1m?

7. If the radius of the sphere is 5 cm .Find the Surface area of the sphere ?

8. The radius of the iron sphere is 5 cm is drawn into a wire of diameter 6mm.find the length of the wire?

9. The curved surface of a right circular cone of height 12 cm and radius is 5 cm is:

10. A cone and hemisphere have equal base and height.What is the ratio of their curved surfaces will be:

11. The amount concrete to required to build a concrete cylindrical pillar whose base has a perimeter 8.8 m and whose curved surface area is 17.6 sq.m is

12. The vertical height and volume of a right circular cone is 24 cm and 1232 cm^3 ,Then the area of the curved surface is

13. The dimensions of cube are 12m x 10m x 7 m ,then what is the volume of the cube is

14. The volume of the sphere that can be cut off from a cylindrical log of wood of base radius 3 cm and height is 5 cm is

15. A solid sphere of radius of 6 cm is lowered into the water until it is completely immersed into a cylindrical vessel of radius 3 cm contains water.The water level in the cylinder raised by