Important topics for AIEEE 2012

All India Engineering Entrance Examination is conducted by Central Broad of Secondary Education for the intermediate candidates. The examination is not at east as possible. The test is really difficult one should work hard to get the good score in the examination because there are going to give you the admission in the top engineering colleges of India.

Important topics for AIEEE 2012

The important topics to be first covered in Physics are Thermodynamics, Conduction and Convevtion of Heat, Hydrostatics and Bernoulli’s Principle, Waves in Elastic Media, Interference Beats and Doppler’s Effect, Electrostatics, Electromagnetic Induction, Lorentz Forces, Circuits with Capacitors, Modern Physics, Collisions, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Electricity. SHM, Optics, Magnetic effects for Current.

The important topics to be first get perfection in Chemistry are Atomic Structure, Bonding, Redox Reactions, Volumetric Analysis, Chemical Equilibrium and Kinetics, Ionic Equilibria, Electrochemical Cells, Solutions, Hess’s Law, Organic Chemistry (full) with special stress on reaction mechanism of reactions named in the syllabus, Oxyacids of P,S, C & N, Properties of Ozone Thiosulphates, H2O2, Coordination Compounds, Surface Chemistry, Solid state.

The important topics in which first you should get perfection in Mathematics are Calculus (full), Quadratic Equations and Expressions, Complex Numbers, Progressions, Solution of Triangles, Solution of Trigonometric Equations, Vector Analysis, Straight Lines, D Geometry and vectors, Relation and Functions, Differential equations, either Circles or Conic section.

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