IBPS Clerk General Awareness Previous Paper

IBPS Clerk Exam  27.11.2011

 General Awareness 

Previous Paper

1). With which sport is Sania Nehwal Associated ?

2). With which sport is Ranji Trophy Related ?
3). M.S Alhuwalia was recently preseted with which Award ?
4). Which country is the largest producer of Jute?
5). The 2016 summer Olympics are scheduled to held in which country?
6). Which among the following countries is a member of G-8?
7). When is Ozone Day Celebrated ?
8). Who has recently been appointed the PM of South Sudan ?
9). Who has recently been appointed the PM of Japan ?
10). 2 questions are asked on “checques” ?
11). What is the meaning of Non-performing assets ?
12). It is mandatory for all banks to follow the rules of which Act?
13). In BR act,what is the meaning of term “R” ?
14). The Ownerships of the bank is under

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