IBPS clerks sample papers

Here we are giving Sample questions for IBPS Clerical Exam. Though these are bit tough praticing these helps you for sure. Have a look and follow us for other latest questions and model papers for this exam.

IBPS Clerical Sample Questions

If then is written as VFGL then WORD can be written as ____

Four of the following five are alike in certain way, find out the odd one

D D E D D E F D E F G D E F G H D E F G H I D E F I G H I J D ____ What is next ?

What is the fourth letter left to C ?



square(8) + square(9) + square(10) = ___

17% of 95 ?

product of 2 concecutive odd numbers is 6399, what is the smaller number ?

Ravi of loan Rs 25,000 and repays an amount of Rs 31,000 at the end of 2years, what is the rate of simple interest at which he repays the loan

Which of the following is wrong ? 634 314 164 74 34 14 4

Cost of 12 chairs and 15 tables is 58,968, then what is the cost of 4 chairs and 5 tables ?

394 times of 113

ISP means ______

In Banks ROA means


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