IBPS Model papers for Clerks (2)

We already gave a model paper for IBPS Clerks, here we are going to give another set of model papers for better practice so that you people can practice more. Here below are some model questions which are taken from Previous clerk exams

IBPS Clerks Model Papers-IBPS Model papers for Clerks

1. Difference between the simple interest at the same rate of interest on a sum of money at the end of second year will be Rs 4.00. If the rate of interest is Rs 4.00 per annum what will the sum ?

36 20 __ 8 6 5

1 121 441 961 1681 ___

Find the wrong number in the following 3 5 15 38 154 914 4634

5811+309Xsquare(19) = ___  

What is 394 times of 113

A canteern requires 427 Kgs of rice per week. How many Kgs of rice will it require for the month of March and April

The employees were unhappy because their salary was not increased ________

9. The child broke ____ from his mother and ran towards the painting  

10. In context of globalization , BPO means _______________

ATM's are ----

____ is the unique name that gives to a file of information

This can be the another word for programs

Home Loans are granted to ________

Which of the following is largest unit of storage

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