General Knowledge Test 29

1.Youngest Women to climb Mount Everest in at the age of 19 years
a. Helen Kinuthia
b. Krishna Patil
c. Anna Czerwińska
d. Dicky Dolma

2. First Lady Magistrate
a. Anna Chandi
b. Lata Patel.
c. Omana Kunjamma
d. Kantha Talwar

3. First Indian to become President of International Court of Justice
a. Dr. Narayana Singh
b. Dr. JayaPrakash
c. Dr. Nagendra Singh
d. Dr. Zail Singh

4.First Indian recipient of Victoria Cross (highest award before Independence)
a. KhudadaKhan
b. Zaleel Khan
c ShabbirKhan
d. Sharief Khan

5. First Indian High Court Judge in (1878)
a. Justice Syed
b. Justice Ali
c. Justice Sharief
d. Justice Syed Mehamood

6. First Indian to visit England in1832
a. Gandhi
b. Motilal Nehru
c. Raja Rammohan Roy
d. Patel

7. First Bar-at-Law
a. J.M. Tagore
b. S. Chandran
c. R. Madhavan
d. s. Krishnan

8. First Chairman o f Rajya Sabha (1952-62)
a.Dr. Jagadeesh Chandra Bose
b. Dr. Murali Krishnan
c. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
d. Dr. Narayanan

9. First Deputy Speaker
a.Ananrasayanam Ayyangar
b. Bala Muraganan
c. Ramachandranan
d. Krishna Murthy

10.First Woman who secured place in top 50 in W.T.A Rankings.
a. Soniya
b. Sania Mizra
c. Jyothi Mizra
d. Keerti


  1. Omkar says

    They need to improve and give very hard questions. These questions are very easy. Don’t even mind to answer these questions.

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