General Knowledge Test 30

1. First Indian Heart Transplantation
a.Dr. Siva Kumar
b. Dr. Surya Narayana
c. Dr. Madhu Sudhana Rao
d. Dr. Venu Gopal
Ans. d

2.First Chairperson of the National Commission for Women
a. Raj Patnaik
b. Gokul Patnaik
c. Gopi Patnaik
d. Jayanti Patnaik
Ans. d

3. First Indian Acting Prime Minister
a. Bheemlal Nanda
b. Guljarilal Nanda
c. Ramlal Nanda
d. Prem Chand
Ans. b

4.First Acting Prime Minister
c.V.V. Giri
d. Bose
Ans, c

5. First Woman secretary general in Rajya Sabha
a.S. Rajeswari
b. B. Indira
c.V.S.Rama devi
d.K. Kalyani
Ans. c

6.First Youngest Woman cabinet minister at the age of 29 years
a. Selja Kumari
b.Siva Kumari
c. Prameela
d. Jyothi
Ans. a

7.First Woman to pass MA
a chandra Mukhi Bose
b.Rani Chatarji
Ans. a

8. First Musician to be awarded the Bharat Ratna in 2001
a. Annamayyya
b. Geeta Madhuri
c. M.L. Vasatha Kumari
d. M.S. Subba Lakshmi
Ans. d

9. The first Solar City is developed at
a. Santosh Sahib
b. Anandpur Sahib
c. Ananth Sahib
d. Zaheer Sahib

10. The firstCentral Jail of Women was set-up at
a. Calcutta
b. Kerala
c. Orissa
d. New Delhi
Ans. d

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