Basic Computer Knowledge Test 03

FTP means

From Which company Narayana Murthy Quit and started Insosys

RAM means

CAD Stands for

When did first computer virus observed in India, In

Compiler means

IC in computers means

Which of the following is not a storage

Monitor is 

Mouse is 


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    admin sir its my humble ruseeqt to you that we atleast(i)am not able to answr all the questns but quite eger to know the ans which i culdnt ans so plz share all those with ans in this site or plz send the full 50 solved question in our email 4 this kind act i ll b grtful to u thank u sir

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  6. the people who do not have a memory in their brain will tell it is very difficult but for us it is very easy i love you thank you for giving

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