Food Technology Career, Scope, Prospects in India

Food Technology Career, Scope, Prospects in India

India is the third largest producer of all foods trailing behind only to china and USA. Annually we produce 600 tonnes of foods in the country. This includes cereal grains, pulses, oil seeds, fruits, vegetables, spices, condiments, meat, fish and milk. In spite of such large productions, the food availability in the country is grossly imbalanced and the average Indian do not get sufficient nutrition in his every day diet. Lack of awareness that food processing is viable option, lack of technical knowhow and non-availability of proper systems for raw material procuring and finished product marketing are some of the major causes for the poor levels of processing in the country.

Food technologists, technicians, bio technologists and engineers are required in this industry for the practical application of the principles of many disciplines of science in the manufacturing or production, preservation and packaging, processing and canning of various food products.

They can choose their career options in Research/ Industry fields. Inidustries they are employed as technicinas, lab analysts, qualtiy executive, quality manager, assistant manager, production executive, production officer, Research and development manager, Scientist/ research executive/ research fellow, senior scientist. They also have options in to academics as Lecturer, associate professor, assistant professors once the requirements are fulfilled.

There is lot of scope for this Food Technology course in India as well as in rest of countries and the pay is good.

Article written by B.Sravanthi who completed B-Tech in Food Technology( Osmania ), M-Tech from IICPT in Food and crop processing technology


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