Entrance Exam For Hospital Administration

Entrance Exam For Hospital Administration

The purpose of the hospital administrator is to manage the hospital.In hospital administration,many job opportunities are there for students.They will also become as a employee in colleges to teach this subject,who will get the monthly salary of 15,000 per a month.Other great opportunity is,they will run their own hospitals or nursing homes.In this field,the students will get 8000 to 12,000 as first salary.As the experience increases,then the salary also increases as 40,000 per a month.

Qualifying Exam :

There are so many colleges,institutes in our country for students who want to complete graduation or post graduation courses in hospital administration.For the admission,first of all candidates must write the entrance exam and pass in it.The list of entrance exams are,All India Institutes Of Medical Sciences Entrance Exam, Delhi University Entrance Exam, IGNOU Entrance Exam, Karnataka State Open University Entrance Exam, Madurai Kamraj University Entrance Exam, Punjab University Entrance Exam, Indian Institute Of Health Management Research Entrance Exam And Symbiosis Centre Of Health Care Entrance Exam.

Eligibility criteria :

The eligibility criteria varies based on the courses offered and the institution.The actual qualification for this hospital administration entrance examination is intermediate with biology as a subject.Based on this marks of entrance exam only,the students have eligible for colleges.The candidates who have passed in this entrance exam,they will go for group discussion.After that the students will have an option to go for MBA in hospital administration.

Preparation for exam and interview :

The students can prepare for the exam by practicing old year question papers,reading materials,books etc.They will have good communication skills as well as organizing.The students will ready to answer both personal questions and questions on hospital administration at the time of interview.

Salary :

The starting position of assistant medical superintendent varies from Rs40,000-50,000 and then increases up to Rs50,000-55,000 as deputy medical superintendents,then finally medical superintendent receives Rs.1 lakh.If her/his career improved then he/she goes for the level of an MD and earn Rs 1.5-2 lakhs per month.

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