Maths Chapterwise Weightage EAMCET 2012

Eamcet 2012 Chapterwise weightage for Maths

The subject of Maths in EAMCET 2012 has 35 chapters.  For preparing maths in EAMCET 2012 the chapter weightage is quite important to be known . After finding the chapter wise weightage it would be very clear for every one to plan foe how to prepare for EAMCET exam. Also knowing the weightage helps you find important chapters to allot more time to practice those chapters thoroughly.

The topics which are given more weightage should be considered as more important. The Chapters which are more important are to be practiced first and thoroughly practice to secure good marks. Maths subject in EAMCET can be scored well with full marks. The chapter wise weightage in all the 35 chapters are given below.

  • Up to 6-7 questions from the chapter Circles and System of circles
  • Up to 6  questions from the chapter Vector Algebra
  • Up to 5-6 questions from the chapter Probability
  • Up to 4 questions from the chapters Matrices, Derivatives,  Trigonometry ,  Transformations, Geometry 3D
  • Up to 3 questions from the chapters like complex numbers, quadratic equations, Permutations and combinations, straight lines, pairs of straight lines, Indefine Integration, Applications of derivatives.
  • Up to 2 questions from the chapters like Numerical Integration, Differential equations, Limits and continuity ,parabola,  binomial theorem, properties of triangles
  • From  other chapters 1 question from each