AP DSC TEST 2013 SA Telugu Syllabus

AP DSC TEST School Assistant Telugu Syllabus 2013

AP DSC TEST 2013 notification released for recruiting school assistants language  along with teachers. The candidates who are aspiring for the post of  School assistant language should clear entrance exam. Telugu studies exam is to be cleared to get selected for Telugu language school assistant pandit  post.There are four parts in the Telugu exam. AP DSC TEST School Assistant Telugu Syllabus 2013 is given in our website.

AP DSC TEST SA Telugu 2013

The four parts in Telugu exam for language pandit post DSC 2012 AP are

  1. General Knowledge and Current  Affairs
  2. Perspectives in Education
  3. Content
  4. Teaching Methodology

Marks allotted for each part are given below

  1. 10 marks for General Knowledge and Current  Affairs
  2. 10 marks for Perspectives in Education
  3. 44 marks for Content
  4. 16 marks for Teaching Methodology

The Syllabus for different parts is

  • General Knowledge / Current Affairs can be prepared from here.
  • Syllabus for part II (Perspectives in Education): History Education, Teacher Empowerment, Educational Concerns in Contemporary India , Acts / Rights, National Curriculum Framework, 2005
  • Syllabus for part III (Content) :కవులు-రచయితలు-కావ్యాలు-రచనలు, ప్రక్రియలు-లక్షణాలు-వివరణలు, ఆధునిక సాహిత్యం-ధొరణులు-ఉద్యమాలు-జానపద సాహిత్యం, తెలుగు భాషా సాహిత్యాలపై ఇతర భాషా సాహిత్యాల ప్రభావం, భాషారూపాలు, భాషాంశాలు, పఠనావగాహన
  • Syllabus for part IV (Teaching Methodology) : తెలుగు భాష భొదనా పద్దతులు

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