How to book slot for US Visa interview

So many people wants to earn money in Abroad countries,others go for studies Some people wants to settled there.People wants to get at least one chance to go to abroad  Whatever it, those primarily apply for the passport. Once they received their passport, the next process is attend the VISA interview. Before attend the interview, first you should take the VISA interview schedule appointment. For that you follow some rules and fill up the applications etc. We give the following points about “How to book slot for US Visa interview”.

1. In order to get the US student visa people first  book slot for US Visa interview at USA Embassy.
2. If You want to take off your family also with you,book the visa all together at the same time, and also all together attend the visa interview at the same time.
3. The US Embassy or Consulates manage and allocates the appointments at the same time.
4. The people who wants to lived temporarily in US, they book their visa appointment through online or through call center.
5. If you want to book your appointment then you simply call to the call center.
6. Before you can pay the VISA application you could submit your documentation.For that documentation preparation, first you have to Register your details into the Stanley Web Site.
7. After completion of your registration you have to check the scheduled appointment section.
8. Review that all the general instructions and also collect the required documents.
9. Once you completed this portion, you should fill all the remaining details such as visa type, state of residence, Language of interview etc.
10.Including with those details, you could also fill the details such as Visa category and Visa class.
11.Later you should fill all your personal details such as contact details, passport details, and your mail address etc.
12.If you are applying visa, along with your family members, then fill up all their details also by clicking “add dependents” option.
13.After filled up all the required details, you need to pay the VISA fee payment.
14.Enter the fee details and bank information details, alternatively your fee receipt number is also displayed on the screen.
You don’t write that number anywhere in the application. You should just proceed the next process.
15.You should click on Schedule Consular Appointment, and Schedule Visa appointment.
16.Finally, you get the appointment confirmation screen and print out the screen.

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