How to apply for PR in Canada

Now a days,Many People wants to settled in Abroad. Those people wants to get the PR to live in that particular country. Each country having their individual rules for the people who are applying for PR.PR means Temperament Resident Card.┬áProcess time for Canada PR is generally 6-12 months.PR is granted for applicant, spouse & children. After PR is granted you can sponsor your parents, grand parents, siblings & cousins. Here we give some points for “The process of how to apply for PR in Canada”.

How to apply for PR in Canada

1. The Indian people who wants to apply for the permanent Resident card, the person should be a graduated and also you must having the working experience of minimum 1 yr to maximum 4 years. Then also he/she eligible to apply for permanent resident card in Canada.
2.Your work experience must be related to your graduation or diploma.
3.And also your work experience should be managerial occupations or professional occupations or technical occupations and skilled trades on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC).
4. The experience within the past 10 years only considered as your working experience while you are applying for PR.
5. Before apply for PR, your bank balance also having minimum of $10,000 if you are unmarried. If you are married, your balance must be more than $10,000. When you apply for PR, you also shown that proof.
6.You must have the minimum of 3 years canada citizenship before applying for PR.
7.There are some options to apply for canadian PR card. They are:
1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
2. Canadian Experience Class
3. The Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program.
8.Each option have their own criteria. The person should be fullfill that criteria to get PR in canada.
9.You should have the legal proof of living in canada as a international student or temporary foreign worker.
10.You also have an offer of arranged employment.
11. The applicants who satisify these instructions are selected based on some factors. In order to qualify in this, you should meet a pass mark of 67 out of 100 points in the factors like age, education, your skilled working experiance, occupation and language etc.
12. To get the points in such criteria the mail theme is your documentation should be clear and perfect.
13. The applicants gain the minimum marks in each factor. The following are minimum points tou must gain in 6 factors are:

Education – 25
Language Skills (English or French) – 24
Work Experience – 21
Age – 10
Arranged Employment in Canada – 10
Adaptability – 10

14. The PR application fee is 550 Canadian Dollars.

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