How to apply for PR in Australia

Now a days,Many People wants to settled in Abroad. Those people wants to get the PR to live in that particular country. Each country having their individual rules for the people who are applying for PR.PR means Permanent Resident Card.┬áThe persons who are working temporarily, and International students and conduct business temporarily are eligible for applying Australian PR.Here we give some points for “The process of how to apply for PR in Australia”.

How to apply for PR in Australia

1.The first step for a software professionals to qualify for Australian PR is getting positive assessment from Australian Computer Society(ACS).
2.One way to achieve Australian PR for the 18 to 45 years aged people is through General Skilled Migration (GSM).
3.The people who are applying through GSM are to become an Australian PR, it includes some options. They are:
a. Skilled Independent Residence Visa (subclass 885) – The students who qualified in Australian academic universities from past two years are eligible to live and work in Australia on PR card.
b. Skilled Sponsored Residence Visa (subclass 886) – The people who are having temporary visa, or Graduation qualification from past 2 years in Australian universities are eligible and also the people who have the sponsoring relatives, they are also eligible for to get the AUS Permanent Resident Card.
c. Skilled Independent Migrant Visa (subclass 175) – This section offers the people to give the PR, those people who are outside from the Australian country but they should have an amazing skill set and also also they must qualified point test.
d. Skilled Sponsored Migrant Visa (subclass 176) – This section also gives the PR for the applicants who are having lowest marks in Point Test. Those people also eligible to get the Australian PR but they must have a a sponsoring relative, State or Territory.
4. Including with your Australian 2 years study qualification, You need to get some extra points in skilled Visa points TEST, having total of 120 points. In this test also you are qualified, then you may get the Australian PR to live and work in Australia permanently.
5. In some areas they provide a special chance to the PR applicants as they get additional 5 points for the PR purpose who are studied in Australian Universities.

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